Lessons To Teach My Son

vBlog Series and Upcoming Book

“Lessons To Teach My Son” was created from a special place.

That place is the heart of a father.

That place is the pride of a man when he looks at his first born son.

In preparation for that day, I compiled the top thirty lessons I received from my father, other father, sons, and decades of my own self-development experience. The criteria for these lessons was simple.

What are the top thirty self development lessons my son must know, no matter what happens to me?

Below you will find a five-part vBlog series provides an overview of these lessons.

Lessons To Teach My Son vBlog Series

Lessons To Teach My Son vBlog 1 of 5

Lessons 1 - 6 In Part 1 we discuss the purpose behind this project. I share my personal experiences and deep insights as to why we must teach our sons the concepts covered in this...

Lessons To Teach My Son vBlog 2 of 5

Lessons 7 - 12 In Part 1 of this series I shared a great deal about my passion for this project. In Part 2, I share my truth in Lesson #7: “The Delusion of Religion”. Don’t judge...

Lessons To Teach My Son vBlog 3 of 5

Lessons 13 - 19 In Part 3, we take a deep dive into lessons that require soft skills, like Lesson #13: “The Importance of Communication”, along with Lesson #17: “Always Make Eye...

Lessons To Teach My Son vBlog 4 of 5

Lessons 20 - 25 In part 4, we delve into a relevant and much needed message in Lesson #20: “How To Treat & Choose A Woman”, along with Lesson #22: “How To Anticipate The...

Part 5 Coming Soon...


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