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Linal Harris is the founder and president of Insights 4 Life Coaching, LLC a high performance and executive coaching firm that uses an ontological approach to accelerate leadership and personal development. Harris has been coaching for almost a decade and holds a Professional Coaching Certification (PCC) with the International Coaching Federation and provides coaching to corporate executives, entrepreneurs, professional athletes and government officials across the globe.

With over two decades of experience leading and building high performance teams, Harris has led large global teams, which required him to become adept in virtual leadership and team development.  Prior to graduating from Corporate America, he held the role of Vice President and Chief Diversity Officer at U.S. Cellular, the fifth largest cellphone provider in North America. Previous to taking this role, Harris built and led the companies international and domestic call center operations and also led in this capacity at Allstate Insurance Company. Working and leading across the globe has equipped Harris with a unique perspective on diversity and the impacts of globalization. He has led and built teams in all in North America, Central America, South America, Asia, Africa and parts of the Caribbean.

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P1 Left to Right: Pam Harris, Dr. Cornell west, Legend Harris, Linal Harris

P2 Linal with Sugar Ray Leonard

"Linal comes with my highest recommendation - he is an excellent coach, compassionate human being, and unwavering commitment for his clients to live with purpose. He has been my coach for over two years and has supported me through major life transitions such as becoming a working mom, taking on new levels of leadership, and living a more fulfilled, purposeful and impactful life."

Associate General Counsel & Certified Leadership Coach

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Slay Your Goals

Finish what you start! Reach your peak! Learn the science of goal-setting and much more...


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Lessons to Teach My Son

The top thirty lessons I received from my father, other father, sons, and decades of my own self-development experience. The criteria for these lessons was simple...



Linal's radio show stems from the Inspirational Perspective blog. The show can be heard every Sunday at 7am CST on WVON and the iHeart radio app! The radio show also broadcasts live from Facebook, giving listeners the opportunity to be more engaged with Linal and any guest hosts that he features on the show. 

The purpose of the Inspirational Perspective radio show is the success of our listeners.

We provide motivation to fuel personal growth and equip our listeners with the tools to make it happen.

Our goal is to motivate and educate our listeners on how to move their life, goals and dreams forward.

"Get inspired; it’s a lifestyle choice!" ~ Linal Harris


Insights 4 Life Coaching

An elite coaching organization with over 20 years of experience that is committed to helping you achieve your greatest goals.


Slay Your Goals Products and Online Coaching

Are you surrounded with like-minded people who are all slaying their goals? Access all the tools and resources you need to Slay Your Goals including online coaching with Linal.


Inspirational Perspective

Inspirational Perspective is all about Murdering Mediocrity and Living the BEST LIFE POSSIBLE. Are you living the best life possible?


Free Download: The Importance of Knowing Your Purpose

In this 90 minute audio compilation you will learn why having a life's purpose matters, how purpose links to your personal identity and how to tap into your personal power and water your seed of GREATNESS.

"We all have the power to influence great change; but if we ignore that power, we could miss an opportunity to change our city, possibly the nation, maybe the world."

Global Entrepreneur | Certified Life Coach | Media Personality

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