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Linal on Coaching

I’ve been fortunate to have some type of coaching, most of my life.

In the beginning, most of that coaching came from my parents and as I moved into my adolescent years the coaching I received came from my academic, athletic and religious involvements. Upon beginning my career, I was blessed to have mentors and leaders who were willing to share their time and provide me with coaching.

Most of the influencers in my life weren’t trained coaches. They didn’t need to be. They held wisdom that had been passed on to them, which they then passed on to me. That is how most people define coaching.

Life coaching is different.

…and no, it’s nothing like what Will Smith’s character did in the movie Hitch.

Life coaching, also known as ontological coaching, is a proven way to help someone clearly see their potential and possibility, by providing them access to who they are at their highest and best.

When I reflect on my first interactions with the concept of life coaching, it’s funny how quickly I came to the conclusion I didn’t need a life coach.

  • I already had loving relationships.

  • I already had a six-figure job.

  • I already felt confident and self-actualized.

  • I'm in great shape! I'm not broken, I thought.

What I didn't know is that life coaching isn't about fixing things.

Coaching is about creating new possibility.

Coaching is about distinguishing powerful possibilities for your life.

...and the possibilities are endless!

Think about this...

"What is possible in my finances?"

"What is possible in my career?"

"What is possible in my relationships?"

"What is possible with my health?"

"What is possible in my leadership?"

"What is possible in my LIFE?"

As humans we have so much power and possibility, that the fear of our potential often gets us stuck. That's where the cliché, You can't have it all, came from--people who got stuck.

Coaching will enable you to first get unstuck; then get and keep all the things you want in life.

When you're at your best, ever notice how the world seems to just open up and provide you wonderful opportunities? Why can't you bottle that? Why does it seem like your power and essence comes in spurts and never when you really need it?

Well, that's where a certified ontological coach can help.

Coaching is about helping you identify who you are, at your highest and best; then partnering and providing you reflections, tools and practices to learn how to access that essence on demand.

Living from essence and learning how to make choices from essence takes support. Most of us have built our lives, businesses, careers, etc. from a place of fear and survival. How do you break that habit?

Again, that's where a certified ontological coach can help.

Ultimately, life coaching is all about designing the life of your dreams and to me, that's called living the best life possible.

Have you ever spent forty-five to sixty minutes in a conversation with someone who is trained to help you clearly identify your life’s possibilities?

If you’ve haven’t experienced this, maybe it’s time you participated in a free possibility coaching session.

Are you ready to live the best life possible?

If the answer is yes, you're in the right place.My company, Insights 4 Life Coaching, helps people all over the world take their life from good to great.

What Clients Are Saying

Linal will get you to where you want to be in life. If you are looking to transform into greatness, I strongly recommend you consider Linal as your life coach. His coaching has allowed me to create better relationships, find my purpose, know my power and most importantly focus on my well-being. What I enjoyed the most about working with Linal is that he didn’t allow me to settle for just being good, he held me accountable to be great! Sometimes you don’t realize there is more to your story until you have someone coaching you through your journey. He has inspired me to want to do the same for others. It has truly been an honor to work with Linal.

Qiana Nelson


Qiana Nelson


Linal Harris is one of the most inspiring, personally impactful individuals I have had the pleasure to meet. This is the first time that I recall ever writing a testimonial for someone, so it is not done lightly. What started with sharing a flight to a diving island, has now turned out to be one of the most fortunate encounters of my life. As a professional, career, change manager I thought I had most of this ‘soft’ stuff down pat. I use soft skill practices in my work every day, I even teach the skills so I should be fairly good with this stuff right?

How wrong was I, the coaching Linal has provided me has developed me to an understanding of myself that no books, seminars, webinars, friends advice can and have provided. Don’t get me wrong Linal, will recommend reading books to assist you in your personal and professional development, but he himself is a walking library.

His ontological coaching method really works, If you truly want to get to know what makes you tick and make some impactful changes in you, in the most supportive and caring environment I HIGHLY recommend Linal Harris to help you get there.

Lynne Ryan


Lynne Ryan


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