Lessons To Teach My Son vBlog 1 of 5

Lessons 1 - 6

In Part 1 we discuss the purpose behind this project. I share my personal experiences and deep insights as to why we must teach our sons the concepts covered in this series. 

Here is vBlog #1 


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Below is an index of what was covered during this episode:

  • Introduction – Start at 0:13
  • Why Teach My Son These Lessons – Start at 9:15
  • Lessons I Learned By Observing My Father – Start at 12:51
  • Lessons My Father Taught Me – Start at 16:54
  • Why Boy Must Learn To Express Their Emotions Verbally – Start at 25:45
  • Why Chess Is A Game Every Father Should Teach His Son – Start at 30:31
  • Lesson #1: Identity – Start at 33:26
  • Lesson #2: Your Origin – Start at 39:05
  • Lesson #3: The Definition of Faith – Start at 45:08
  • Lesson #4: Understanding King Solomon’s Proverbs – Start at 52:51
  • Lesson #5: The Illusion of Race – Start at 59:25
  • Lesson #6: Know The Laws of The Land – Start at 105:25

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